Friday, March 22, 2013

Feminist Film Moment - Freeway

FREEWAY (1996)

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Written and Directed by Matthew Bright

Cast:  Reese Witherspoon, Keifer Sutherland

Synopsis:   Little Red Riding Hood and Reese Witherspoon like you’ve never seen either before.

Moment: Vanessa gets the upper hand on her would-be rapist.



To hell with waiting on some woodsman! Finally a version of Little Red Riding Hood where she fights back against the big bad wolf and prevails! Vanessa is on her way to her grandmother’s house when she hitches a ride with Bob who unbeknownst to her is the Freeway Killer. He gains her trust, makes her reveals intimate details of her life and then turns on her. But homegirl’s not going out like that. There’s another great scene later where Vanessa revels in how she whooped that rapist ass, but you’re going to have to get your hands on the flick to see that. If you like your humor dark and your fairy tales edgy, you’ll enjoy this flick. 

Today's Reese Witherspoon's birthday. Happy birthday, Reese. Thank you for all the Feminist Film Moments. If you look at her career, there's quite a few of 'em. 

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