Saturday, April 15, 2006

Making Change and Doing It in Strange Places

I just received the following call for submissions from a listserv I belong to devoted to conscious women in hip hop. This anthology sounds like a fantastic idea. I know I'm going to cop it as soon as it's available, and I hope to discover some new ideas as well as great writers. Maybe you?
Call for Submissions - Young Women’s Anthology “Doing it in Strange Places… And Making Change: Young Women Fighting for Social Justice”

A commonly asked question at social justice events is, “What can I do to get more involved?” This question is usually answered in one of three ways: send money, call politicians, and volunteer. Unfortunately, none of these foster a sense of personal investment or involvement in an issue or offer solutions for how to be personally involved in solving the injustices in the world. It also doesn’t account for the lack of time, money and resources that these three answers require.
What if we could just incorporate our politics into our every day lives, particularly into our seemingly apolitical jobs/careers? In fact, that is just what most activists do. In this anthology, we want to hear from young women from all walks of life around the world, who have found creative ways to use their job/career/talent/passion (from writing to banking to computer programming to being a homemaker) as an outlet for social justice activism. We seek to create an anthology that makes activism more accessible and inspire others to use the resources they already have to contribute to social justice.
Changing the world won’t happen overnight, so let’s share our daily successes and strategies for making all of our visions of a better world possible. Tell us what worked and what didn’t because all experiences are valuable. We want to be sure multiple voices and perspectives are represented in the anthology. Writers of all experience levels areencouraged to submit work. All work must be original and should not be published elsewhere.
Submission Guidelines
* “Young” is about how you self-identify. We do not have age limits.
* We prefer to have submissions sent via email in a Word or Rich Text Format document to with “Doing it in Strange Places” in the subject line. Otherwise, submissions can be mailedto: Mandy Van Deven 955 Metropolitan Ave, #4R Brooklyn, NY 11211
* If you would like your submission returned, please include a SASE.
* Word count: 2,500 - 5,000
* All submissions require your name, address, phone number, email address, and a short bio.
* Submissions should be received by May 15, 2006.
* Please direct any questions you may have to
Topic Ideas Already Submitted Include:
* Biking for Women's Empowerment
* Blogging to Fight Street Harassment
* Living Choices and Neighborhood Development
* Bellydancing to Increase Confidence and Comfort w/ Sexuality
We look forward reading to what you have to say!


leslie said...

This call for submissions looks interesting. I saw it on craigslist the other day, but I appreciate your spotlight because it made me look at it in a different light.

On another note, I was a part of Alisa's sucias group, which is how I linked to your blog. I look forward to picking up your newest book--I'm an aspiring novelist and current freelancer--and would love to show some support to a writer who is actually using her voice to reach people (you!).

Unknown said...

Dear Leslie,

Thank you so much for the support.

I hope that not only will you enjoy "Divas Don't Yield," but that it'll inspire you to get crackin' on your own novel. :) If you haven't already, think about taking a writing workshop and/or joining a writer's group. It's a great way to instill discipline and get feedback in a supportive environment.

Keep me posted on your progress.

Sofia aka Black Artemis

Carolyn said...

Greetings sista read your first book and enjoyed it..Im a Published author on Penguin Putnam Press. at this time and have a few anthologys on Feminist Press/Greenfeild reveiw Press.I did 6 years in Prison just finished 2 novels''BABY GANSTA vol.1 and ''POSSE''that are looking for a home. and am halfway through with the third one.Im also a rapper. my vote for the suject matter on your anthology is ''RAPPING'' for social change(women especially) my website is and of course my BLOG enjoy!for ''Social change'' we have to stick together to be HEARD!

Unknown said...

Hey, Lauren, did you see your quote in Friday's NY Daily News? They publish a column of the week's most interesting quotes, and you're quoted (again) calling Thao Nguyen as the Rosa Parks of street harassment. I read that and cheered! Hope the coverage is bringing positive attention and support to Holla Back NYC. And thank you for the kinds words on neoqueer and I hope you keep enjoying DIVAS.

Unknown said...

Leslie, I strongly encourage you to answer all the call for submissions you can. Every publication you score will make your "platform" stronger when you finish that novel and attempt to shop it to publishers. Keep checking my blog as I'll be sure to post any opportunity I find. I try to put send them out via my e-letter, too, but there are times when I don't have the time. Keep writing and good luck!

leslie said...


Thanks SO much for your words of encouragement. It means a lot to actually get a response from someone who is successful in the field.

I’ll take your advice on submissions and workshops. I have been trying to get more freelance assignments also, so that I can have that experience and those clips when it is time to talk to agents and publishers. It's so amazing to think about being a published author of fiction--now I just have to start writing!

I'll keep checking your blog; you'll probably see me post again. And I ordered your book from Amazon recently, so I'm just waiting for it to get here.

I'll definitely keep you posted--thanks for asking!

Leslie =)