Monday, March 20, 2006

She Hate Me

Today I saw the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly which reviewed my novel DIVAS DON'T YIELD, and well. . .

. . . it sucked. The reviewer gave it a big ol' C.

So why am I admitting this to y'all? 'Cause if it had been a great (or even good review), you'd be hearing about it, LOL! So I'm just keepin' it real, rolling with the punches (or in this case, the sucker punches.) Consider my skin thickened that much more (but my heart remains unhardened. Hell, I can't afford to get cynical. I've got two novellas and another novel to write by July!)

I'll feel better when I walk into a bookstore tomorrow and see my book on the shelves. As my fellow author Mary Castillo (author of Hot Tamara and In Between Men) writes, "It never gets it old." I hope you'll check out the book anyway, LOL!

And if you're in NYC, stop by the party at Lava Gina on the 28th.

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Unknown said...

Hi, April,

Sorry it took me a minute to get back to your post. As you know, I've been in promotion mode for "Divas Don't Yield." Girl, I know all about having to wait until pay day to go get me a book, a CD or DVD! By now, however, I know you've read the book, and have enjoyed it. Do share your views here or on

Sofia aka Black Artemis