Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Women of Color Talk Filmmaking at Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Firehouse in East Harlem

The following is a tweetup of a panel discussion where women of color media makers and executives talked about the challenges, triumphs and future of institutions to support women of color making films.  It took place at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Firehouse Community Media Center in East Harlem, NY on Tuesday, February 13, 2013.  The panelists included:

Marcia Smith of Firelight Media - @FirelightMedia
Dorothy Thigpen of Third World Newsreel - @dthig and @ThirdWorldNewsr
Martha Diaz, hip hop educator - @marthadiazis
Moikgantsi Kgama of Image Nation - @ImageNationUS

Moderated by Christine Peng of Maysles Cinema - @mayslesed

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