Wednesday, May 07, 2008

WAM! Using Hip Hop Fiction to Incite Social Change

Watch activists and novelists E-Fierce, Jlove and myself as well as social justice educator Marcella Runell Hall as we present our groudbreaking curriculum Conscious Women Rock the Page: Using Hip Hop Fiction to Incite Social Change which is the bridge between the world of Hip Hop fiction and education for social change.

During our session at the Women, Action & Media Conference this March, we introduced attendees to the upsurge of feminist popular fiction utilizing hip hop subculture to raise substantive issues including race, class, gender, sexual orientation and culture. We read brief excerpts of our works, co-facilitate a sample activity from the curriculum and discussed how participants can exploit popular fiction to raise consciousness and promote activism, especially among young women who may not identify as either feminists or activists.
This is the first of two videos. Want to see Part 2? Visit the Conscious Women Rock the Page Myspace blog at :)


Masked Editor said...

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Unknown said...

Thank you, Miss ME. ;) I'm always interested in knowing and supporting ventures like yours, and I hope others who read the blog will click over and check out Amistad Press. Much continued to success to you!