Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Juicy Mangos Hits Bookstores Today!

Today the anthology Juicy Mangos hits bookstores! This the first collection of erotic short stories written by Latina authors so it's a must have. I contributed the story "Sensually Yours." Juicy Mangos has something for all sexual interests and literary tastes. But don't take my word for it. Head to the bookstore and sneak a peek then buy the book.

Editor Michelle Herrera Mulligan, contributing author Elisha Miranda and I will be doing several readings in New York City in August. For those of you who want to break into writing erotica, we're even trying to organize a panel focused on that. Sister Outsider Entertainment will host a book party in September that you won't want to miss. So keep your eyes out for my bulletins and mark your calendars.

"Do not read this in bed or your sheets just might catch on fire. It is that hot!"
-- Zane

"Juicy Mangos is an amazingly well done collection of stories...not only a tantalizing read, but a deeply rewarding one as well." -- Oscar Hijuelos, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of
The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love

"Hurray to the writers of these clever (and revealing) stories." -- Lisa Wixon, author of
Dirty Blonde and Half-Cuban

"These stories aren't just juicy; they're spicy, sweet, seductive, tender, haunting, and hunger-inducing." -- Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of
He's on Top and She's on Top

Juicy Mangos will shatter your ideas of female innocence forever. Here, the smartest, sexiest literary writers are gathered to tell stories of women at their rawest and most intimate. Each of the seven stories centers around a holiday -- from Valentine's Day to Christmas -- when these enticing characters slip out of their daily roles and take on new, daring personas: A married woman finds a back door to Eden where fantastical orgies force her to confront her true and dangerous sexual desires, a historiographer experiences a lustful affair while wearing an enchanting antique dress as an erotic disguise, a sex-toy saleswoman takes on a business partner with benefits to boost her sales. With exotic backdrops around the world and beautiful, complex characters, Juicy Mangos is sexy enough to keep you glued to the page. But like its diverse protagonists, the stories are smart and provocative and will leave you hot long after your touch on the page has cooled.

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