Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Place To Live

Because occasionally I need reminding...

A place to live

If there are things that are missing in your life, ask yourself this
question. Have you given those things a place to live?

The person who has many friends is the person who has made a place
for friendship in her life. The person who is amazingly knowledgeable
is the person who has made a place for learning in his life.

In order to receive a delivery at your home, you must tell the
delivery service where to take it. In the same way, for the best
things in life to be yours, you must provide a space within your life
where they can arrive.

Make a place in your life for love, and love will certainly fill it.

Make a place within your life for joy, and joy will soon be there.

Create the time, the space, the energy, the interest, the passion and
the commitment in your life for whatever it is you seek. And the
things you seek will begin to inhabit the places you have made for

Give the best things in life a place to live within yourself. And
you'll soon find those things filling your world.

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