Thursday, August 03, 2006

The E! Hollywood Story Behind "Divas Don't Yield"

Not! If anything, the story behind my chick lit novel Divas Don't Yield reflects the lip service that Hollywood plays to diversity. To read it, visit Backstory at


P.Marie said...

I really enjoyed this blog entry. Sofia your journey is a blessed and inspiring one. It was so fly to share a panel with you at the Baltimore Book Festival and it is a joy to watch things unfold for you in such remarkable ways. I can't wait until Divas Don't Yield hits the screen. I know it will as good things are bound to happen for good people. All positive wishes to you from Philana Marie Boles, your literary sista in the struggle. Here's to keeping our empowering yet entertaining stories visible!

Tricia Wang 王 圣 㨗 said...

I HAD NO Idea that you met elisha in 99! I thought you two were childhood friends! I love this story!