Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Burn" on Some Other Shit

I know. So lame to start a blog to not maintain it. I own it and promise to do better. To at least post one time per week.

But I think my fans will understand that I’ve been hard at work, visiting cities to meet them in person and sign their copies of Explicit Content and Picture Me Rollin’ and researching the third Black Artemis novel.

The next novel is called Burn and will be published in August 2006. Burn follows bond agent Jasmine, who has a sordid past and a ghost on her shoulder, as she searches the South Bronx for a graffiti artist who jumped bail. The more she investigates his sudden disappearance and realizes that he ran for his life, the more she places her own life in danger. Jasmine’s street instincts and moral grit are put to the test as she discovers something shocking about herselff and makes some tough ethical decisions. That’s right, folks, Black Artemis is finna to write some John Grisham shit for my fellow hip hop heads. Seriously, I like to think I elevated my game with Picture Me Rollin’, and I’m doing my best to make Burn my best hip hop novel yet. And as always, as soon as I can, I’ll send out an email blast when I post the first chapter on my website which will definitely happen before year’s end.

As for the tour, I had to slow down and cancel some dates to begin writing the new novel. Apologies to the ATL because I won’t be seeing you this weekend as planned, but rest assured that my visit is only postponed and not cancelled. My trip to Baltimore and DC this September is still on as is the African American Book Club Summit by Sea this October. I’m also headed to Miami and Columbia, South Carolina in early 2006 to participate in their book festivals and will post more details in the near future.

With that said, it's back to Burn.

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